Make It Happen! Rim Café

On a beautiful Friday night in October, I was taken to the Rim Café in the Italian Market, South Philly, by my friend Sterling.  We spent 3 hours taking photos, enjoying our food, taking photos, enjoying our drinks, taking more photos, and, oh, enjoying our photos, which we took.  Owner René and partner Minou were gracious enough to let me experiment with my photography on café items all night.  René chanted, “Make it happen!” as he created beautiful cannolis, ciders, cappuccinos, lattes, and more.  I have never met a person more avid about life, food, and photography as René.  The entire experience of being in the Rim Café was truly and inspiration.  Perhaps the photo session, not the $7.50 apple cider, was just what I needed.

Special thanks to René and Minou for being so hospitable and encouraging of my photography.  They have asked me to invite my photographer friends to have a photo party in their café.  Hope this event is soon coming!

Rim Café is located on the corner of 9th and Federal Street, South Philadelphia.

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