Classroom Etiquette

Classes have begun at Temple University! Syllabi are full of new classroom etiquette for ever changing technology.  For instance, “Turn your pager off,” has become, “No playing Farmville on your MacBook using Campus-wide wifi.”  Even now, Farmville seems dated to me.

I have a few more suggestions to add to every syllabus:

1. When in a smaller classroom and passing back papers, please pass ALL papers to the end.  If there are not enough for the entire row, it is easier for the first person in the row to get a teacher’s attention to alert him that a shortage is in place.

1a. Please glare at the person second to last in your row when he receives the last piece of paper, and you must raise your hand, get the teacher’s attention, and walk all the way up front for an extra piece.

2. When attending a lecture in a large hall, please sit as far away from the aisle as possible.  Especially if you are first in that row, do not sit right on the end, unless you are a lefty or enjoy having your feet stepped on.

2a. Do not get mad if you have not moved all the way to the end (or center) and people are climbing over you. That is what you get when you do not follow my syllabus.

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