Philly Cupcake

One early spring evening, I passed by this tiny cupcake shop on the corner of 12th and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia.  I stopped in to scope it out.  The lone worker, a middle aged man, told me they accepted cash only, and I had none on me.  I took no photos, but a menu.  I finally went back for a taste of the Philly Cupcake in July.  It was scrumptious, but I would need to taste more to give my full review.  Photography-wise, it was a splendid experience.  I happened to arrive with a tour group and chose the worst possible time to snap photos.  The tiny cafe was packed with people and I elbowed my way right up to the glass of the cases.  Moments later, after I photographed all the cupcakes in the cases, everyone was gone and I had the place to myself.  But to me, the hype is felt through the photos – no one likes a lonely cupcake.

This is the cupcake I had.  It was a vanilla cake with vanilla icing.  It was drizzled in caramel with chunks of Twix bars on top!  It was somewhat impossible to take a bite at first, I had to lick some of the icing off and eat some of the Twix.  But it was a pleasant experience none the less!!

Twix cupcake from Philly Cupcake!

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