Long Lost Assignment

My final weekly assignment for Basic Photography 3401 was both the easiest and the most difficult of the semester.  It was due on the same day as our final projects (to shadow a photographer for a day, learn from him or her, apply what we’ve learned, and present it) which was also the same day as Exposure – our photo show that we prepped for a few weeks for.  All of this caused the photo lab to be bombarded during working hours and snuck into after hours.

This assignment was super easy because it was simply a list of things that were easy to come by in the city of Philadelphia: street musician, the Kimmel Center, Rittenhouse Square, a high rise, and One Liberty Place to name a few.  The assignment was the hardest because it seemed too easy to be true.  I was certain that Dr. Trayes was looking for the best of the best in these easy to shoot photos.  I felt expected to apply everything I learned all semester to the execution of these photos.

They turned out O.K.  And I procrastinated and stressed over it for no real reason.

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