The Seven [Deadly] Tubs

We only got to see a few of the tubs at the Seven Tubs Nature Area, in Luzerne County, PA. This was my first tub experience, and i can honestly say I cannot tell one tub from the other.  Prior to our excursion, I had been having nightmares of dropping my camera and other electronic valuables in water.  I left my Nikon D60 and Blackberry in Brittany’s van and opted for my dad’s cheap underwater camera.  I loaded it with (color) black and white Kodak film, had to redo it several times, exposing and ruining some photos while recreating others, and these are the results.  I couldn’t even tell you the make of the camera I used, it’s that generic.

Holly Cieczko underwater in one of the Seven Tubs.Holly, Betty, and Brittany: a balancing act of enjoying the cool water of the Seven Tubs and not falling in!Our single file parade through the narrow hiking trails of the Seven Tubs Nature Area.From left, Thom, Betty, Brittany, and Holly's feet on the bridge through the spokes at the Seven Tubs.A double exposure of Brittany Bradford and Thom Shubilla gazing over one of the bridges at the Seven Tubs Nature Area into one of the tubs.

June 21,2010

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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