The Patio

Holly and I went for a quick walk through the woods, Monday.  We had two hours before I had to go over my grandmother’s.  Instead of hitting all the regular spots we hit last blog post, we took a new route.  This dirt path took us all over the higher elevations of the woods behind the Hanover Green Cemetery.  Every time it would lead us to someone’s back yard, we would scowl at civilization and make a new turn.  We did this until we ended up at the bottom: the train tracks and the Susquehanna River.  At our outlet of woodland, we spotted another path past the tracks down to the river.  That led us to a very stable rock formation along the river.  On this huge slab were two patio chairs, both lying perfectly on their backs, as if someone laid them down after sitting, watching the river go by.  We thought their positioning too uncanny to have blown down from someone’s yard above.  After being a good photojournalist, I decided to go bad and pick them up.  Shaking the bugs out, I came to discover these were very light plastic patio chairs, fashioned to look like wrought iron – making it a likely scenario that they blew out of someone’s yard in the tornado-like winds the night before.  But to land at the very edge of the river without going in? Just another strange experience in our woods.

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