from Life.

I am an elephant.  I rarely forget.  Of late, minute details of things that have been forced out of my mind by new and better things have been coming back in spurts.  It is always exciting to remember a moment I once actually lived in.  It was important at one point.  I needed it in order to survive, to move onto the next moment.  But several files of moments later, it is forgotten.

Photography has helped prevent these memories from being lost forever – and Facebook immortalizes them, literally.  Photos that I hadn’t uploaded and tagged are rediscovered like those far gone memories I tap into every so often.

I sat talking to an old acquaintance – would I consider him a friend?  Normally, yeah.  I am very generous with my terms of endearment.  Especially if I ever wanted to go and spend time with him, I would tell my parents, “I’m going out.”  With who? “My friend Matt,” (“my friend” muttered because I know it makes no difference since they have never met him before and do not know him.) Matt who? “Matt Redick.  I went to school with him from first through sixth grade.  I see him, like, every year at the Fine Arts Fiesta, he works there….” That means nothing to them.  It is a gold mine for me.  To the #1’s in my life, I just expressed how significant this person is.

I sat talking to him.  I brought up how we were in the same homeroom every year from second through sixth grade – and would have in first grade if Mrs. Carchilla had not moved me into Miss Lynch’s room.  He was astonished that I could tell that story so easily, like it had happened yesterday.  Then I proved my elephant memory by rattling off the names of all the teachers we had, and some we did not have.

I told him, “I remember these things.  I get mad when other people don’t, or don’t remember me.  I remember everyone.  Were these things not as significant to them as they were to me?”  I know today’s society is the epitome of ADD, but come on. Young children’s brains are the easiest to mold.  Kids learn and retain so much of what they take in at such young ages.  I spent a whole school year or more with some people who have no idea I ever existed.

Well I did not just drop out of the sky.  I’m Betty Breznay.  I welcome myself since no one else will do the honors.

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