Five Minutes and Twenty-One Seconds

In less than 6 minutes, what started as a small fire in the bottom of a trash can on 6th Avenue, Manhattan became a spectacle for passersby.  Following my suit of photojournalism, many observers’ questions shifted from “Did anyone call the fire department?” to “She’s taking pitchers?!?!” and questioners became photographers.  Many had camera phones grabbing pixels of the intensifying scene. Less than 2 minutes after my initial snapshot, the NYFD was on the scene.  They humbly assessed the situation, hosed the can down, pulled out all it’s charred contents, sprayed it with some other liquid, left a mess of burnt plastic and paper, and were on their merry way, American flag swaying in the breeze.

The entire event took place in less time than it took for me to upload the photos, caption them, and write this vivid description.

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