Max Brenner

About two weeks ago, I was a supposed to attend a panel discussion in South Philly about food.  The topics to be discussed were food, the Internet, and what blogs are doing to restaurants: everyone’s a critic.  So am I.

I never made it to that meeting because I couldn’t find the address! I walked a dark alley in South Philadelphia for 20 minutes searching for building number 1522.  The only two buildings marked with a number were 1524 and 1550.  Giving up, I headed north up 15th Street.  The culture of this area was exciting and full of drunks coming in and out of bars.  One swanky restaurant caught my eye, I had never heard of it before.  Max Brenner.  the name hadn’t stuck at the time but the logo and the content sure did: A bald guy and CHOCOLATE.

A few nights ago, while once again aimlessly walking this area on a date, dodging drunkards celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, I had stumbled upon it again.  In search of late night munchies, this was a perfect time to experiment and experience.

*Hazelnut Creme Crepe (*contains nuts).  The presentation was worth the $12.95, a beautiful crepe dashed with nuts and powder.  The plate (which reminded me of the piece of round wood Quassi Modo ate off of in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, completely flat) was stylishly drizzled in a zigzag of chocolate syrup, and a scoop of ice creme, candied bananas, and some sort of potion adorned the outskirts.  I still have no idea what was in the Erlenmeyer Flask, it made no difference when poured onto my steaming crepe.  But the ice cream, once melted a bit was a wonderful contrast to the hot pastry – I’m biased! I love hot and cold all at once.

The experience was truly a delight.  Max Brenner has a menu of non-chocolate dinner foods as well, but the prices may have you choosing one course over the other.  The Philadelphia location is at 1500 Walnut Street.

Hazelnut Creme Crepe at Max Brenner chocolate restaurant, 1500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.

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